Sustainability Centre Concept.

RE-VIVE created this concept design and visuals for a Sustainability Centre; 'The Gaia' would be an independent global hub, designed to inspire a dialogue among all ages. We developed the 'Follow the Green Path' exhibition to educate on the challenges faced in achieving a more sustainable future, and stimulate widespread awareness and action.

The building design contains a dynamic series of ramps, bridges and openings, inspired by the flowing characteristics of nature. It is a continuous landscape and spatial playground, blurring the conventional differentiation between architecture and landscape, interior and exterior, in order to remind of the excitement, beauty and serenity of nature, and deter from the rigid industrial features of modern life.


We dreamt up an immersive exhibition, split into 7 zones, each addressing a different area of sustainability; Through interactive exhibits, films and animations, visitors could explore a range of issues and learn how they can make a real and personal contribution to sustainable living. 

The centre is designed to be a smart building itself, providing real life examples of sustainable technologies, including rainwater harvesting, solar power and a fully automated building monitor system. 


We strongly believe in sustainable design:


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