We are people focused

We use design to create spaces that enhance the lives of the people that use them, increasing wellbeing, improving functionality, creating positive company culture and contributing to the success of the businesses we work with.



We created our own insight and planning platform, RE-VIVE FOUNDATIONS™ , which allows us to provide contextualised, guided and forward thinking designs. We study trends and interpret the developments in your industry. We then pass on these insights to allow us to partner you in creating exciting and innovative concepts for your brand.


We combine expertise with flair

We use all of our toolkit to achieve creative and effective spatial transformations. As qualified interior architects, our intuitive space-planning and tailored bespoke solutions promise to make the best use of every space. This spatial understanding, combined with excellent knowledge of colour, products, and finishes, ensures that we consistently deliver designs that successfully communicate the vision, work efficiently and achieve brand goals.


We thrive on diversity

Our work is specifically tailored to the brands and personalities we work with and each project or space calls for new ideas and creative interventions. This means that we are never rolling out the same old solution. We work with our clients to create bespoke and unique visual interior identities that help them to stand out in their market.


We are considerate

We understand that each client’s needs and budgets are different. Shoestring or otherwise, we always aim to get the best value for our clients through ingenious thinking and industry knowledge. We draw on experience and trusted contacts to save our clients money without compromising on attention to detail.


We offer the full package

From concept to completion, we’re there every step of the way. We produce all the technical design packs needed to bring the concept to life and our experience in managing and problem-solving ensures we can deliver complex projects from start to finish.

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if you have a project you'd like to discuss: