Accountants Office and Events Space

For this project, RE-VIVE was to work in collaboration with SDA Architects; They took the mill from a large un-purposed room, to a partitioned space, ready for us to add some creative flair.

We designed the large board room to seat 12, an intimate meeting room for 6, the multi-functional event space and a versatile breakout reception area.

We worked closely with Peter Sleigh to tailor three suits, named after his favourite figures, whose influences greatly informed the ethos of how Sleigh & Story is run.


The Suites


The Covey Suite

Named after the late Stephen Covey; visitors can glimpse subtly engraved quotes in the reclaimed   timber wall. Peter carefully chose these quotes to display Sleigh &Story's values and to hopefully  enthuse staff and clients alike.

The Dyer Suite

The smallest of the meeting rooms is named after author and motivational speaker, Wayne Dyer. A ceiling installation made from rope creates an arrangement of intersecting horizontal paths, symbolising the crossing of relationships within a network of clients.

The Aspire Suite

The events space was named after Aspire Development, the company who mentored Peter at the start of his journey with Sleigh & Story. Read on to discover the creative solution Re-Vive provided to make this the transformable space that Sleigh & Story needed.



To meet the requirements of a multi-functional training facility, presentation room and events space, we designed a wall system constructed out of hexagonal panels in Sleigh & Story's brand colours. A row of hexagons can be removed from the wall with a gentle pull and concealed legs fold down to reveal 6 tessellating tables which, paired with the bespoke branded folding chairs, can be arranged in various configurations to suit the demands of any occasion.


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