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 More than a Boardroom

RE-VIVE created this swanky boardroom for Wizu Workspace, a leading
coworking space in Leeds. We studied trends in our client’s industry to create
an exciting concept for the space to help them excel against their competitors.
From our research, we knew it was important to create an “experience” within
this space, not only to give tenants a place to wow their clients, but to give
Wizu a unique selling point to enable them to attract external meeting planners.

We identified that a key trend within meeting rooms was multi-functionality;
this space should be more than a boardroom. We wanted to create: A games room.
A place for after work drinks. A lunch spot. A quiet place. A club house.
A backdrop for vloggers. A place to run workshops. And more.



Our visual starting point for the overall style of the space was the
unmissable arched windows of the Grade I listed building. This
inspired us to create a concept that mixed the homely touches of a
loft apartment with the quirky opulence of a members club, playing on
the idea of this being an inclusive and social space for tenants at Wizu.

The boardroom table is the real showstopper; A sleek 3.4m span of solid
walnut, designed and bespokely made just for this room. A bespoke wallpaper
with the Leeming Building icon pays homage to the remarkable market building
and serves to remind tenants and coworkers of where they are: a place where many
other businesses have started their journey and thrived. After all, Marks and
Spencer’s started from a little market stall just below on the ground floor.




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