We have broken down our service offerings into a modular structure to allow us to join you at any stage of your project.
We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a flexible and bespoke one-to-one service for our clients.


Free Initial Consultation

Let's have a chat over coffee or [insert your favourite beverage here].

This is your chance to tell us about your space, how you'll use it and what your budget is. We'll use this time to really
get to grips with your vision for the project and work out what design package is going to work best for you.




Let's Get Started

Measure Service
If you don't have existing building plans, we'll arrange a visit to do a full measure and provide accurate drawings

Space Planning
Using these, we'll provide initial space planning to optimise the usability and aesthetic of the
space based on intended function, target audience and any specific requirements. 

Concept & Style Development
We'll provide you with a visual package that outlines concepts and our recommendation for
your interior style, including colour schemes, finishes and materials.



Bringing It To Life

We use the latest in 3D digital modelling software to help you visualise the final outcome of the design.
We can work together on a proposal or visualise something you've already designed.

From sketchy concept designs to realistic renders, we can find the right style
for you and your marketing needs if applicable.


Personal To You

We know that one size does not fit all so we love designing bespoke elements specifically
tailored to your space, needs and style. We work closely with our hand-picked local makers
to push the boundaries of design, while keeping a high-quality finish.



Ready To Go

We offer a full procurement and implementation service. This can include:

-Detailed furniture and fixings specifications
-Purchasing all items with suppliers
-Finishing schedules for walls and floors
-Coordination with architects and general contractors
-Sourcing and appointment of appropriate tradesmen
-Drawings for makers and contractors
-Sourcing bespoke furniture
-Lighting and electrical plans
-Project Management and Scheduling

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