5 Steps To A Harmonious Workplace

Creative, well-designed workplaces are not just for those in the typical 'creative' industries. In recent years, there has been a major shift in people's expectations and preferences for the way they work. Consequently, there is a need for office design that allows for more collaboration and creativity among workforces.  We have seen the creative giants of the world embrace this change, creating stand-out “wow” offices, which their creative employees thrive on, but creative office design is vital for all types of business; whether you’re an accountancy firm, a branding agency or a tech company, a well-designed office is key for a happy, motivated and thriving team.

Here is our 5 step guide to create a harmonious working environment;


1.      Create a POW or WOW

Every office should have one thing that makes you happy to go to work every day, something that you love to show each and every client who comes in to your offices. Whether it’s that wow boardroom or piece of furniture you love, they can all have a positive effect on a person’s mood. We have a big thing for transformable environments and multifunctional spaces; these often create “wow” or “pow” moments but also utilize a space to its fullest potential. Creating a talking point within the design is important as it helps spread the message that you want your offices to have a long lasting impression on both employees and clients.

2.     Collaborative Environment

We perform better when we collaborate and teamwork is often the best way to generate outstanding ideas and innovative solutions. To allow your team members to think big and broaden mental horizons within your company, it’s important to create spaces which allow collaborations to flourish. People from different sectors often have a different way of problem solving so why discourage them from sharing ideas and solutions by segregating internal teams?

To create a collaborative office space you need to understand the everyday route of each individual within the office and incorporate informal meeting spots in the areas with high traffic or close by. This doesn’t mean make your whole office open plan as private work and meeting spaces are still vital for a happy motivated team.

3.      Stimulating Breakout Areas

If you want to increase staff morale, it’s important to include break out areas into your office design. If your team members are staring at their computer screens all day, they’re not going to be at their most productive or imaginative. Breakout areas give employees or co-workers a space to take 5 when getting a dip in concentration, somewhere they can rest their eyes, recharge their batteries and return to their desks refreshed and focused. 

Make sure the decor of your office reflects your company culture and extend it to the breakout areas. Whether it's colourful and stimulating or calming and natural, decorate your breakout areas with comfy seating, cushions and beanbags. Include lamps, plants and rugs for a cosy feel or incorporate a bar and football table to inspire playfulness.


4.      Create Energy Filled Space

The best workplaces have a buzz to them, there should be a sense that things are going on and exciting stuff is happening. Quiet areas are important for focused work but a library-like atmosphere in communal areas isn’t conducive to an inspiring space and won’t give your staff energy to feed off. Ambient noise can actually give workers more privacy and allows them to freely interact and share ideas without feeling disruptive to the working environment.

Give your staff areas to socialise in, mix up the layout of your office to break up the space and consider how to create energy with colours, textures and art within your workspace.

energy filled space at wework

energy filled space at wework

5.      Incorporate Nature

Research shows bringing greenery and nature into the workplace can have many positive effects on a workforce such as, reducing stress, increasing creativity and improving focus. Just being able to see nature can increase both self-esteem and mood.

Another study in the UK revealed bringing plants and nature in to the workplace increased productivity by 15% but also increased concentration and employee satisfaction. Therefore, we think including plants in office design is a bit of a no-brainer!

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