The 5 Best Ergonomic Chairs for your Office


Sitting at a desk all day can take it’s toll on your posture, potentially causing painful issues with your back and hips. Whether you work from home or in an office, if you’re spending a significant part of your day sat down, it’s really important that you have an ergonomic chair. But let’s be honest, office furniture can often be lacking imagination and ergonomic chairs don’t normally hit that design-led aesthetic.

However, there are some gems on the market that you might have missed. So we thought we’d do a round up of our favourite picks for the best office chairs that are both physically and aesthetically pleasing:


Now can you say that you’ve ever seen a chair that looks like this before? Inspired by a horseback rider’s posture, this unique shape has been developed by HÅG to encourage you to vary your position as you sit. This one is definitely for the wrigglers out there; it enables you to half stand or sit front ways, back ways or sideways, whichever suits you best. We got to try one down at Clerkenwell Design Week and can definitely vouch for it’s comfiness.


Herman Miller are renowned in the design world for beautiful and inspirational products and they certainly haven’t disappointed with their Cosm office chair. Aside from the absolutely stunning colour range, this chair is revolutionary in it’s design and apparently can adjust to an individual’s posture, weight and pressure points without the need for user input. It’s also available in 3 different back heights, making it a versatile choice for the shared workspace.


Italian design normally equals good design and that’s definitely the case for this beautiful ergonomic task chair from SitLand. With a depth-adjustable seat and adjustable lower back support plus a whole range of upholstery styles, this versatile chair would make a stunning addition to any office.


Steelcase claim to have pushed the boundaries of material science for their new award-winning SILQ chair. Their explorations into carbon fibre have allowed them to produce the simple and organic form of this chair, which responds to the natural movement of your body. We think it has a really pretty feel, particularly in the blush colour shown above, and it’s sleek design blends into the workspace environment without being an eye-sore.


We’ve got to give it back to HÅG again for this one. This user-friendly and uncomplicated chair is designed to suit most people so it’s a great choice for shared workspaces or large organisations. Incorporating market-leading technologies, it’s designed to energise the user and improve focus by ensuring dynamic movement without the user having to think about it, because we all have enough to be getting on with! Available in a range of colours it can easily fit into corporate or home settings.


If you’re not currently working from an ergonomic chair, it may be time for an update. Hopefully these options have given you some inspiration. Let us know what you think in the comment section below or contact us to find out more about our furniture and product sourcing services.